Flowers For The People is a full service boutique Botanical design company established in 2013.  Family owned and operated by founders and siblings Mick and Olivia Payment.

Mick and Olivia grew up playing with flowers in their mother's flower shop, Bloomers of Bellevue on Old Main, just blocks from where FFTP opened their first store. Growing up in a flower shop and being second generation florists has given the pair a deep rooted appreciation for flowers, plants and design in general.  

At Flowers For The People, They go above and beyond to source the most premium and unique boutique ingredients available. Sustainably sourced, and locally grown blooms are always the first choice.

FFTP has product arriving daily, so you can be confident that you are getting the most beautiful and fresh flowers available. 

Always on the cutting edge....they are constantly looking at what's next while still paying hommage to the past, their style can be described as fresh and modern while still maintaining a timeless and classic feel. Fusing their passion for fine vintage treasures, fashion, lifestyle design and of course plants and flowers, Mick and Olivia have crafted Flowers For The People into something that is "so much more than just a flower shop"  as their customers have said time and time again.